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Mr. Tony Gilmore, Principal
Mailing Address 309 NW E Street
Physical Address 1001 NW 7th Street
Stigler, OK 74462

Phone:(918) 967-2521
Fax: (918) 967-5125

     We, the administration and faculty of Stigler Middle School, take this opportunity to say hello and welcome you as a patron. It is essential to the benefit of each student that we, as teachers and parents, cooperate in every possible way. Recognizing that a child may not achieve to his fullest potential without interested parental guidance, we ask that you join us in encouraging your child to do his or her very best in every class or activity that he or she may attempt. With your help, our chances of doing something that will be of lasting benefit to your child are greatly increased.

We extend the invitation to all parents to visit the school. We strongly recommend that if any problem or question concerning classes or any school situation arises, parents please do not hesitate to schedule a conference with a school representative through the Middle School office. Let us always keep in mind that we need each other and our children need us both.

Historically, Stigler has one of the finest schools in the state, and we hope each student will take a deep personal pride in maintaining its present high standards. The Stigler Community, through their support and backing, have provided one of the best and most modern facilities in eastern Oklahoma. We hope the students and parents will continue to show pride in our facility, and do all in their power to take care of it.

The Stigler middle School faculty and administrators challenge you to become active in your child's education. Let's make this the most productive and rewarding year yet!

Mission of Stigler Middle School

To provide opportunities and encouragement for academic excellence, social interaction, emotional well being, and physical development utilizing teaching strategies based on specific characteristics of the transitional needs of the middle school student.

Philosophy of Stigler Middle School

The philosophy of Stigler Middle School is to provide the opportunity for the development of the mental, physical, and ethical growth of the individual. As educators, we believe that the function of our school is to provide guidance for the youth in their quest for knowledge, and to develop their capacity to assume more responsibility for their own education and growth. Also, we wish to provide for the development of desirable attitudes and appreciations, and for the mastery of fundamental skills and knowledge.

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