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Organizational Name:
National FFA Organization
Changed in 1988 from Future Farmers of America to reflect the expanding career field of Agricultural Education.
Founded: 1928
Current Membership: 507,763
Number of Chapters: 7, 439


Stigler FFA

Founded: 1932

Current Membership: 92 (largest group ever)

National FFA

Developing leadership, cooperation and citizenship for tomorrow's agriculturalists--this is the main goal of the National FFA Organization. For more than 70 years, the FFA has complemented agricultural instruction by making classroom lessons come to life through realistic application. From its beginnings in 1928 with 33 delegates at the first national convention, it has grown to encompass over 490,000 members in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

The original idea for the organization was fostered after courses in vocational agriculture were established by the National Vocational Education Act in 1917. In the early 1920's, Virginia formed a Future Farmers club for boys in agriculture classes. This innovation caught fire across the country and the National Organization was born in 1928 in Kansas City, Missouri. National dues to the Future Farmers of America were set at 10 cents per member.

Membership grew, and the following year's convention was distinguished by the selection of the national colors and the naming of the first Star Farmer of America. By 1934, the only state which had not chartered an association was Rhode Island. As the years went by, the organization began providing services to support its expanding membership. In 1939, a National FFA Camp was founded on the grounds that went on to hold the National FFA Center for over 50 years. In 1998 the center was moved to Indianapolis, Indiana.

The National FFA Foundation was created in 1944 to provide funds from business and industry to support new programs. Public Law 740, passed by congress in 1951, granted the FFA a federal charter. 1952 marked the establishment of The National Future Farmer Magazine.

A merger of the New Farmers of America, the organization for black agricultural students, with the FFA took place in 1965. More new members were admitted in 1969 when the delegates voted to allow girls to become members.

The next two decades would bring a host of new programs and changes, designed to keep pace with the evolving membership and rapidly changing needs of the agricultural industry. The National FFA Alumni Association was formed in 1971, bringing another arm of support to the organization. In 1988, the delegates voted to change the official name from the Future Farmers of America to the National FFA Organization. Another name change occurred in 1989, that of the magazine to FFA New Horizons.


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