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Welcome from the Principal!

Ms. Lana Mayhall
Mailing Addresst: 309 NW E Street
Physical Address: 302 NE 5th Street
Stigler, OK 74462

Phone:(918) 967-8835
Fax: (918) 967-5124

We believe that Stigler Grade School is a vital part of our community, and therefore, has the obligation to be a major resource for improving and maintaining the quality of life for all its citizens.

We believe that each student has the right to an educational program which provides him/her the best opportunity to learn, to develop personally, and to experience success. We also believe each student must assume responsibility for his/her achievements during these formative years.

We adhere to the philosophy that learning should be focused on the acquiring of basic skills in these elementary years. We will use methods which have been demonstrated to be effective. However, we will provide alternative modes of instruction for individuals with exceptional needs.

We believe each student should be nurtured according to his/her needs in order to develop a well-adjusted personality and to gain a positive self-image.

We believe each teacher should strive to instill in his/her students those social values and morals which will enable them to become conscientious, resourceful citizens of the future.

We believe the students' intellectual and personal success requires the full cooperation and dedication of teachers, parents, and community. With these groups working together, and with the students' dedication, Stigler Grade School will continue to be a positive force.


Mission Statement

Stigler Grade School is a Kindergarten through 4th grade elementary school within the Stigler Public School District in Southeastern Oklahoma. We have approximately 550 students enrolled with 60 persons on staff. Stigler Grade School is committed to the belief that all children can learn and acknowledge that all of us - teachers, administrators, and parents- working together can make a positive difference in student achievement.

Bell Schedule
8:35 ~ 9:25
9:30 ~ 10:15
10:20 ~ 11:05
11:10 ~ 12:08
12:35 ~ 1:25
1:30 ~ 2:15
2:20 ~ 3:06



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