Faculty and Staff

Below is a full staff directory for Stigler Public Schools. To send an e-mail directly to one of our faculty or staff members, click on their name. To read more about our faculty and staff, click a site link below.

Staff Directory

Board of Education

Susan White Board of Education President
David Huggins Board of Education Vice-President
Kenneth Whitson Board of Education Clerk
John Turrentine Board of Education Deputy Clerk
Jennifer Turner Board of Education Member


Monty Guthrie Administration Superintendent
Tom Kettles Administration Federal Programs/Transportation Director
Wyanema Bush Administration Special Education Director
David Morgan Administration High School Principal
Tony Gilmore Administration Middle School Principal/Athletic Director
Lana Mayhall Administration Grade School Principal
Eric Stout Administration Assistant High School Principal
Randy Mouser Administration Assistant Middle School Principal


Cory Adcock High School Math and Science
Nichole Adcock Grade School Fourth Grade
Deborah Allen Grade School Second Grade
Amy Amos High School Science
Karen Baker Grade School Special Education
Denise Bell PK-12 School Psychometrist
Mitchell Bird High School English/Yearbook
Lori Boren High School English
Marie Bryant Middle and High School Special Education/M.H.
Amy Bunton Grade School Special Education/M.D.
Wyanema Bush PK-12 Special Education/E.D.
Sabrina Busse Grade School Kindergarten
Kerri Butler Grade School Second Grade
Dwight Carey High School Social Sudies/P.E.
Angie Citty High School English
Wes Cloud Middle and High School Science/P.E.
Chris Cole High School Drama, Speech, and Advanced writing
Shawna Coplen Middle School Fifth Grade Math
Vicki Coplen High School Special Education
Jaymie Craig Grade School Kindergarten
Dixie Culwell High School Algebra 1/Geometry
Stephanie Dix Middle School Sixth Grade Language Arts
Lisa Dorris Grade School Third Grade
Dian Franks Grade School Second Grade
Melanie Garman Grade School Fourth Grade
Kelli Gilmore Middle School Fifth Grade Social Studies
Mitch Girty High School and Adult Ed Alternative Ed/ABE Counselor
Lindsay Goff Grade School Second Grade
Katrina Gragg High School Spanish and Math
Heather Gray Grade School Third Grade
Lisa Guthrie Grade School Third Grade
Kim Hall Middle School Special Education
Amanda Hare PK-12 Speech Pathologist
Courtney Henson High School English and Leadership
Emily Hertz Grade School Special Education/HS Flag Coach
Don Holt High School Social Studies
Heather Howell High School Special Education
Stacey Huggins Grade School First Grade
Traci Hurst Middle and High School Technology Education
Brandy Johnson Grade School First Grade
Diane Johnson High School Family Consumer Sciences
Rhoda Johnson Grade School Third Grade
Kathy Jones Grade School Second Grade
Kelly Jones Grade School Physical Education
Matt Jones Middle School Math
Cindy Keith Grade School Kindergarten/T1
Kimberly King Grade School Fourth Grade
Theresa Lackey PK-12 Speech Pathologist
David Lester High School Social Studies
Valorie Lewis Middle School Math
Clark Long High School Agriculture
Michelle Matthews Grade School Fourth Grade
Peggy McAlester High School Librarian
Melanie McClary Grade School Fourth Grade
Misty McFarland-Upton High School Family and Consumer Science
Summer McGuire Grade School First Grade
Laura Moore High School
Michelle Moore Grade School Interventionist
Terri Moss Grade and Middle School Librarian
Randy Mouser Middle School Science
Emily Nolen Middle School English
Chris Parker Middle School Social Studies/P.E.
Tina Parsons Middle School English
Patrick Phillips High School Math and Computer Science
Angela Randolph Grade School Kindergarten
Brenda Reading Middle School Math
Chris Risenhoover Middle and High School Social Studies/P.E.
Jayme Risenhoover Middle School English and Social Studies
Beverly Robinson High School Math
Miranda Robinson PK-12 Speech Pathologist
Anjanette Rose High School Science
Bill Self, Jr. High School Math/P.E.
Brittany Shepherd Middle School Fifth Grade Science
Tommy Shimp Middle and High School Art
Karen Sloan High School Counselor
Robbie Sloan Middle School
Joye Smith Middle School Social Studies/P.E.
Moody Smith Middle School Social Studies/P.E.
Sarah Snow Grade School Kindergarten
Ryan Stamper Middle and High School Band and Choir
Villette Stamper Middle and High School Band and Leadership
Eric Stout High School Science/P.E.
Tanya Stout Grade School First Grade
Mary Teel Grade School Counselor
Connie Thompson Middle School Fifth Grade English
Kay Thompson Middle School Fifth Grade Language Arts
Sara Thompson Grade School Third Grade
Catherine Underwood Middle School Special Education and Computers
Jeff Upton Middle School Science/P.E.
Nikki Upton Middle School Special Education
Jeff Walker High School P.E./Health
Kevin Wilkett High School Social Studies/P.E.
Nichol Wilkett Middle School Special Education
Holly Wood Grade School Third Grade

School Nurse

Pat Kates District School Nurse


Dennis Craig District Technology Support

Teacher Assistant

Morgan Bryant High School Cheerleading Assistant
Virginia Carey Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
Janice Coplen Middle School Teacher Assistant
Amy Eakle Grade School Music Teacher Assistant
Dean Franklin Special Education Teacher Assistant
Barbara Gaston Middle School Teacher Assistant
Brandy Goff Special Education Teacher Assistant
LaTonya Goodman Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
Chrystal Hiatt Grade School Library Assistant
Jennifer Jackson Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
Nadya Keith Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
Elisha Lovell Middle School Teacher Assistant
Jackie Morris Special Education Teacher Assistant
Beckie Murrel Middle School Teacher Assistant
Lesa Sloan Middle School Teacher Assistant
Karen Spearman Grade School Teacher Assistant
Linda Stubblefield Grade School Teacher Assistant
Cassandra Sustaita Grade School Teacher Assistant


Dawn Bryant Administration Fed. Prgs/Child Nutrition Director
Billie Bullard Administration Payroll/Activity/Lunch
Marla Dodd High School Secretary
Judy Hamlin Administration Treasurer/Health Insurance
Lyndee Hamlin Administration Receptionist/Secretary
Janette Lamb Administration Encumbrance Clerk/ABE
Shari Marcum High School Secretary
Ashley Olzawski Middle School Secretary
Linda Smith Grade School Secretary
Rita Trickett Grade School Secretary

Food Service

Rhonda Barnett Grade School Cook
Kathy Faries Grade School Cook/Cafeteria Manager
Tia Hays Grade School Cook
Erin Jenkins Grade School Cook
Billie Jones Grade School Cook
Laura Patterson Middle School Cook/Cafeteria Manager
Sandy Russell Middle School Cook
Peggy Seyler Middle School Cook
Lynn Stubblefield Middle School Cook
Machel Thornton Middle School Cook


Logan Billy High School Maintenance/Custodial
Brenda Dill Grade School Custodial
Ray Hatfield District Maintenance/Custodial
Rebecca Hatfield Middle School Maintenance/Custodial
Travis Hatfield Grade School Maintenance/Custodial
David Maddux High School Maintenance/Custodial
Dennis Wright District Maintenance/Custodial
Calvin Wynn Grade School Maintenance/Custodial


Cory Adcock Transportation Bus Driver
Mike Bird Transportation Bus Driver
Calvin Blevins Transportation Bus Driver
Teresa Hays Transportation Bus Driver
Dustin McDaniel Transportation Bus Driver
Jackie Morris Transportation Bus Driver
Jim Parker Transportation Bus Driver
Harold Pemberton, Jr. Transportation Bus Mechanic
Patrick Phillips Transportation Bus Driver
Tommy Shimp Transportation Bus Driver